Dance Like a Butterfly Dream Boy
by Josh Rutter (Auckland)
Wed 22 & Thurs 23 February, 9pm

Josh Rutter
is a freelance dancer and choreographer based in Auckland. Since graduating from Unitec’s Dance Program, Josh has danced for Michael Parmenter, Hans Van Den Broeck, Malia Johnston, Maria Dabrowska, The Playground, Alyx Duncan, Alexa Wilson, completed projects with Stephen Bain and Winning Productions and performed in festivals both locally and internationally.

He has created collaborative works with Cat Ruka New Treaty Militia (Berlin, NY, Dunedin), Tokyo-based artist Yuki Maruyama (Auckland) and Dave Hall Release Candidate (Christchurch, Auckland). Josh also writes and performs music, most currently as one half of ‘Sweat City Heat Wave’.

Since I’ve been boxing I think I have become more aggressive, confident and classically masculine. I find myself sizing people up, which is kind of tiresome but maybe unavoidable given that I’m learning to read the violent body. The violent body: it’s everywhere; the threat of violence is a real force socially.” Josh Rutter

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