Connections - Peace

Photographers highlight Auckland as a City for Peace in a stunning exhibition.

Connections - PEACE is a group photographic challenge in which ten keen photographers were selected to work together and be mentored by industry luminary Tom Ang. 

The exhibition - created from scratch in just five short weeks - tells a visual story for the “Connections – Peace” project supported by Panuku Development Auckland.

The exhibition opens on Queen’s Wharf on 12 December with a 6:00pm reception and will be open until the autumn. The photographs are specially mounted as an outdoor exhibition on the fence alongside where the cruise ships dock on Queen’s Wharf.

The photographers - who had never met before - were set the challenge of working as a team to interpret the concept of peace. They took to it with skill and aplomb. 

Responding artistically to each other, they engaged with the city and their individual photographic personalities to create an affectionate portrait of Auckland, City for Peace.  

Auckland has been a City for Peace since 2012, its Peace City Declaration a statement of principles for peace, justice, human rights and non-violence, as a foundation for Council policies and local governance.

The photographers

Absar Ahmad  
Fiona Shannon 
Kevin Deloria 
Lesley Whyte 
Melanie Wright 
Nikki Clendinning 
Rajeev Nedumaran  
Sarah Brooks 
Taren Ouk 
Tepaeru Gardiner