Auckland Live International Cabaret Season

14 Sep - 1 Oct

Auckland Town Hall, Basement Theatre, Q Theatre

Auckland Live International Cabaret Season will be dialling up the glitz and glam as we unleash a suite of international and local cabaret provocateurs and cultural icons across the city centre, over eighteen evocative nights.

Auckland Town Hall, Basement Theatre and Q Theatre are poised for non-stop scandal as disco divas, glamour animals and red-hot rock opera stars perform soulful invocations and channel some of music’s greatest stars. Expect lyrical laments and ludicrous fun in this line-up that promises to tug at the heart strings and bend the minds of those who are ready to experience the essence and energy of the cabaret.

Just when you think your night is over, we will entice you to step outside of your comfort zone, and into the cabaret world of old, to party on until the wee small hours in the depths of our secret late night club.

This is the Auckland Live International Cabaret Season; get ready to set your senses alight, fall head over heels, and go just a little bit wild.


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