Hope One

Touring New Zealand 8 February - 4 March

9 Feb 2017

Hope One has landed!

Part of the power-packing Hot Brown Honey line-up, top beatboxer (holding the Top Four Best Female beatboxing world title!) and youth mentor, Auckland Live is excited to showcase and share this Kiwi talent!

A key player in the Hot Brown Honey hive, Hope’s toured Europe and Australia with the award-winning show and is gearing up for the Auckland season of the smash hit then hitting the road with the Honeys in Scotland, Canada, and across the UK.

It’s all work and no down-time for Hope as she simultaneously tours the North Island with The School of Beatbox Hope Tour workshops, a series of beatbox workshops through which she will teach and mentor young people.

Introduced to the world of beatbox in 2001, Hope’s determination to master the medium has built her an established career as an independent, award-winning artist. Touring around the globe, and performing alongside the likes of Tom Thum, Joel Turner and the Beatbox Alliance, T-Pain, Naughty by Nature, Eve, George Clinton, Michael Franti and The Wailers, Hope is on a roll.

She’s recognised as a mentor to youth across NZ and Australia, and through her workshops shares her knowledge and experience to help inspire others.

Bow down!

Don’t miss Hope One in Hot Brown Honey and The School of Beatbox Hope Tour this February and March.

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