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Auckland Town Hall

Classical music

Even after 100 consecutive years, the magic of singing Handel’s Messiah continues to excite Auckland Choral.

There are roughly a quarter-of-a-million notes in Messiah,  and Handel wrote them in three to four weeks. From the moment of the opening overture, the spine tingles with the sense that something special is about to unfold. 

When King George II first heard Handel’s Messiah, he leapt to his feet in excitement. We don’t expect you to do that – but we’re sure you’ll recognise the melody anyway. This is quite simply some of the most uplifting music ever written.

Handel confidently announces the birth of Christ with a radiant section that quotes St Luke’s gospel:  ‘For unto us a Child is Born’. Then there’s one of the most famous pieces of choral music, the ‘Hallelujah Chorus’, and ‘The Trumpet Shall Sound’. Now that’s how you do Christmas!

Join us to experience the freshness, inspiration and joy of a truly timeless classic.


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