20 April 2021 

A Boy Called Piano Makes its Debut 



The Conch’s audio drama A Boy Called Piano makes its debut next Sunday on RNZ’s Standing Room Only.

Written by Fa’amoana John Luafutu and Tom McCrory, the drama tells the story of three boys made wards of the state, and who are taken to Owairaka Boys Home. There begins a story into the heart of darkness, abuse, and pain but also the remarkable resilience of the boys as they seek to survive through the power of friendship, culture, music, and the light of the human spirit.

The Conch’s artistic director, Nina Nawalowalo, leads an eight-strong cast made up of three generations of the Luafutu family. The initial development of A Boy Called Piano took place in the Herald Theatre three years ago when The Conch, with investment from Auckland Live, started work on a stage dramatisation of what is Fa’amoana’s own life story.

Workshopped at Auckland Live, A Boy called Piano was set to premiere at the Herald Theatre in 2020, when Covid-19 struck. In response, The Conch pivoted and seized the opportunity to tell the story in audio form, partnering with PANNZ (Performing Arts Network of New Zealand) and RNZ.

On Sunday 2 May at 3pm, Fa’amoana’s incredible story will be heard by a huge new audience – who may never have had access to it otherwise. It will also be available on RNZ’s website until 16th May.

Auckland Live is proud to have been part of the initial journey that has turned Fa’amoana and McCrory’s words and Nina Nawalowalo’s vision into powerful, timely and profoundly moving theatre that is accessible across multiple platforms and will continue to reach audiences long after (or in this case before) it is presented on stage.

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