Chamber Music New Zealand

28 Feb - 21 Nov 2021

Great Hall, Auckland Town Hall; Bruce Mason Centre

Coming out of the dark.

In challenging times, we turn to music for comfort and hope. More than just an escape, we recognise the need to illuminate the darkness and pierce the silence with beauty.

As described by German Romantic writer Jean Paul: “Music is the moonlight in the gloomy night of life.”

The night is a place of shadows, mystery and the unknown. It is also a place of reflection, potential and new beginnings. Our senses are heightened - sounds take on new life, music carries more meaning. Our 2021 season embraces the night, and the gifts it brings. The lullabies and dreams, the thrills of nightlife and trickery of shadows, the heaviness of what has been and hope for a new day.

Chamber Music is pocket-sized music that packs a punch. It is music which is simultaneously intimate and powerful – pulling you into the heart of the experience. In 2021, we champion chamber music as a vibrant, distinctive, necessary and contemporary musical experience for New Zealanders. We are seizing the opportunity to celebrate and showcase the best of who we are right here in Aotearoa.

Proudly homegrown.

Proudly Chamber Music New Zealand.

Visit or call 0800 CONCERT (266 2378) to find out more.

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