Auckland Art Fair goes online

Update: The 2020 Virtual Auckland Art Fair is now live! Visit  
NOW - 17 MAY
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We are pleased to announce that a Virtual Art Fair will take place online from Thursday 30 April - Sunday 17 May. The online edition has been developed in response to the cancellation of Auckland Art Fair, scheduled to take place on these dates at The Cloud this year.

The online edition gathers 30 galleries from New Zealand and Australia who will each display up to 15 works of art that would normally have been seen at the Fair, all viewable for free from your computer.

It comes after a number of exhibitions and events nationwide have been cancelled as a result of Covid-19, and at a time when the arts and culture sectors are particularly hurting.

North Port Events, organisers of Auckland Art Fair seek to recognise the artists who have already made special works for the Fair that didn’t happen, and the galleries who have supported them in doing so.

“All around us right now, we are hearing of the importance of art - something we know to be true at all times, but especially in troubled times.” say Auckland Art Fair co-directors, Stephanie Post and Hayley White.

“Our virtual art fair, is a celebration - as best we can - of the talent and diversity of art making in our region - across New Zealand and Australia, but also around the wider Pacific-rim and a hope that, wherever possible, some of these artists and galleries will be supported by someone buying a work of art.”

Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development Head of Major Events Richard Clarke says the virtual fair provides a wonderful opportunity for artists to continue showcasing their work.

“This is a great example of how one of our partners is using technology and innovation to provide art lovers with a wonderful and unique experience, while recognising the importance of supporting the artists and galleries taking part.”

Following the cancellation of the Fair and full refund of booth fees, all galleries who would have participated in the event at The Cloud were invited to be part of the online edition for a small fee to cover site development, time and promotion.

In the online Fair galleries will showcase up to 15 works of art and visitors can enquire by clicking an ‘Enquire Now’ button next to the image. Prices and other information will be accessible, and anyone interested is encouraged to request more information, or make a purchase, from the gallery directly.

“Our Virtual Fair will never replace the real thing” say the Fair co-directors “but it is a unique opportunity during these times to browse at leisure, get to know new galleries and new artists, and if you possibly can, support contemporary culture at a time when artists and galleries really need it.”.

The list of galleries participating in the online event includes:
{Suite} (Wellington and Auckland)
Ivan Anthony (Auckland)
ARTIS Gallery (Auckland)
Bartley + Company Art (Wellington)
Black Door Gallery (Auckland)
Bowerbank Ninow (Auckland)
Trish Clark Gallery (Auckland)
Edwina Corlette Gallery (Brisbane)
Sarah Cottier Gallery (Sydney)
Gallery Sally Dan Cuthbert (Sydney)
Fine Arts, Sydney (Sydney)
Föenander Galleries (Auckland)
Fox Jensen McCrory (Auckland and Sydney)
Gow Langsford Gallery (Auckland)
Michael Lett Gallery (Auckland)
M+P | Art (London and Oxfordshire)
Masterworks Gallery (Auckland)
Tim Melville (Auckland)
Jhana Millers (Wellington)
Mossman (Wellington)
Page Galleries (Wellington)
Piermarq (Sydney)
Melanie Roger Gallery (Auckland)
Kalli Rolfe Contemporary Art (Melbourne)
Sarah Scout Presents (Melbourne)
Sanderson Contemporary (Auckland)
Starkwhite (Auckland)
STATION (Melbourne and Sydney)
Sumer (Tauranga)
Two Rooms (Auckland)
The Vivian (Matakana)
Weasel (Hamilton)

The Virtual Fair will open online for VIPs from Wednesday 29 April, before opening to the public on Thursday 30 April - Sunday 17 May.

The Virtual Art Fair is made possible by the participating galleries, in support of the artists they represent and their businesses. We applaud their spirit in difficult times.

Auckland Art Fair is very grateful to major partners, ANZ Private and ATEED (Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development on behalf of Auckland Council) for their ongoing support – not only throughout 2020 but also their commitment to the forthcoming 2021 Art Fair.

For further information please visit the Fair website, and for updates follow @aucklandartfair on Instagram.