Mr Red Light Education Pack

Mr Red Light: Digital Education Pack

Written by Carl Bland. Education pack by Auckland Live & Nightsong

About Mr Red Light:
Mr Red Light is a man who attracts bad luck. So naturally, when he tries to rob a bank he fails miserably and ends up in a pie shop dealing with three very uncooperative hostages and the world’s worst police negotiator.

As time ticks by, Mr Red Light and his captives play a game of getting-to-know-you. And mysteriously, Mr Red Light seems to know more about his hostages’ lives than is possible.

'A joyride of non-stop tragicomic thrills' – NZ Herald

Joyfully inventive, absurdly funny, and full of surprises, Mr Red Light could be a fool or a prophet. Either way, he will remind you how wonderful life can be.

Directed by Ben Crowder and Carl Bland
Performed by Simon Ferry, Jennifer Ludlam, Trygve Wakenshaw, Richard Te Are, Jess Sayer
Commissioned by New Zealand Festival of the Arts and developed with the support of Auckland Live.

Auckland Live Digital Education Pack: 
Auckland Live, along with Nightsong, is offering Digital Education Packs and recordings of the 2019 Herald Theatre season of Mr Red Light by Carl Bland for secondary schools to use for external exams.

Packs include:

  • A copy of the script
  • A link to a full-length recording, valid until 15 December 2023
  • A PDF education resource created by Anna Richardson

Book Now

Cost per show pack: $250 + GST

Zoom/Skype interviews with playwrights and other key creatives may be possible upon request, depending on demand and at the school’s cost.

The Digital Education Pack provides activities for both internal activities and external revision work, which can also be used during periods of teaching and learning from home. 

If you require further information, please email

Mr Red Light Trailer

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