Auckland Live Presents

At Auckland Live we are committed to adding to the vibrancy of our city through live performance, international companies and our local artists and arts communities. We champion new and existing works in theatre, dance, music and visual arts, and pride ourselves on opening the doors to people of all ages to engage with live entertainment.

Through our Auckland Live Presents programmes, we offer an exciting and ever-changing array of local and international productions, as well as free and low cost family-friendly shows and events, ensuring locals and visitors to Auckland have the opportunity to access and discover the wonders of the world of performance. 

Donate and make a difference at Auckland Live

When you buy tickets to Auckland Live Presents shows or events on Ticketmaster, you will be asked if you would like to add a donation to your purchase. By making this donation, you will help us extend Auckland Live Kids Play, an Auckland Live Presents initiative to help introduce more kiwi kids to the performing arts.

Attending, and taking part in performing arts events from a young age has been proven to contribute to enriching children’s personal wellbeing, inspiring their creativity and enhancing their academic achievements. Children are encouraged to be curious; to think about diversity; have conversations; to listen, sing or laugh uproariously. These experiences will ultimately give children a love of the theatre, music and dance that will enrich their whole lives, and we at Auckland Live are working hard to make the arts accessible to all. 

For more information about the programme and the terms and conditions, click here.

Thank you.
Auckland Live