Conditions of Entry - Standard

We go out of our way to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience. In return, we ask you to respect our facilities and contribute to an enjoyable event for all our patrons.

To achieve this, we require all visitors to the venue to meet the following conditions of entry. 

Please note, conditions are subject to change without notice.  Some shows/events at Auckland Live venues have additional entry requirements. Please refer to the individual show pages for the latest event information.    

Auckland Live Covid-19 Protection Framework 

We are operating at the orange setting of the Covid Protection Framework.  To find out more head to Auckland Live’s latest Covid-19 frequently asked questions (FAQs) 

At our venues and events our friendly staff are on hand to help you with the entry process – please do not hesitate to approach them should you have any questions or concerns. 

Drug and Alcohol Policy

  • Auckland Live venues comply with the Liquor Licensing Authority and prohibit the serving of alcohol to intoxicated or under-aged persons. 

  • There will be zero tolerance for intoxication.  

  • Those who arrive at the venue intoxicated will be refused entry into the event, and patrons who become intoxicated will be asked to leave the venue. 

  • Persons supplying alcohol to underage patrons will be escorted from the venue. 

  • Auckland Live venues maintain a strict 'no drugs' policy.  

  • Illicit drugs and alcohol are prohibited from being bought into the venue and if found will be confiscated at the entrance, and the patron(s) refused entry. 

  • Any persons apprehended with drugs in their possession will be escorted from the venue. 

  • Incidents involving alcohol or drugs will be referred to the NZ Police if required.   


A patron who exhibits unacceptable or disruptive behaviour will be asked to leave the venue. Dangerous activities such as aggressive moshing, stage diving, crowd surfing, and climbing are not permitted and may result in the removal of patrons from the event.   Below is a list of prohibited items that cannot be allowed into the venue. 


  • Drugs & alcohol. 

  • Anything deemed a weapon. 

  • iPads/tablets and laptops, selfie sticks, and Go Pros. 

  • Large bags, for example, a bag larger than an A3 piece of paper. 

  • Glass of any kind. 

  • Opened water/ beverage bottles. 

  • Chewing gum. 

  • Laser pointers. 

  • Vivid markers and pens. 

  • Gang patches or gang paraphernalia. 

  • Professional cameras and other video or audio recording equipment. 

  • Any other items deemed by venue management or the promoter to be illegal, dangerous, or a nuisance to yourself or others. 

Search of entry

You and/or your possessions may be subject to a security search upon entry.  

Dress code

  • Footwear must always be worn. 

  • No clothing may be worn that may be confused with security staff, e.g. high visibility vests. 

  • Clothing must conform to a reasonable standard of decency relevant to the event. 

  • Costumes must conform to a reasonable standard of decency. 

  • Costumes must not take up more space than your seat or impact the view of others. 

  • Accessories that look like or can be used as weapons are not permitted. 

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