Mobile Ticketing

Mobile Ticketing

What is mobile ticketing?

Your phone is your ticket!  This is Auckland Live’s preferred delivery optionWhen purchasing tickets to events choose Ticketmaster’s mobile delivery option and access your tickets directly through your Ticketmaster account on your chosen device.

How to access your mobile ticket

Make sure you download your tickets prior to attending your event. You have the option to access your tickets in your Ticketmaster Account through the Ticketmaster App or by accessing using your mobile browser.

Mobile tickets are easy to access.  Follow the step-by-step guide below on how to find your mobile tickets.  To do this you use the Ticketmaster App or to access your Ticketmaster Account.

Follow the instructions below:


Ticket Forward

No more waiting outside the box office when the event starts! Use the Ticket Forward option and send tickets in advance to your family and friends who are attending the event with you. Everyone will need to have their own Ticketmaster account to access their tickets.

Getting a Ticketmaster account

In order to buy tickets, you must be registered with Ticketmaster New Zealand. To create a "My Ticketmaster" account, click here and select "Create Account".

Auckland Live’s ticketing partner

Ticketmaster is the exclusive ticketing agent for Auckland Live's events at the Aotea Centre, Auckland Town Hall, The Civic, and Bruce Mason Centre as well as Auckland Stadium’s events at Mt Smart and Western Springs Stadiums. Ticketmaster also tickets events at The Cloud and Shed 10 at Queens Wharf.

Why choose mobile tickets?


There’s no need to carry around physical tickets, your tickets are safe and always accessible via your chosen mobile device, meaning you’re all set to gain entry quickly at the venue when you arrive.


Mobile Ticketing will assist Auckland Live with contact tracing of audiences at events, and gives customers peace of mind that we can reach them should the need arise.


Mobile Ticketing is good for the environment and supports our sustainability commitment to identifying, managing, minimising and offsetting the impacts of our operations on the environment.


Mobile Ticketing FAQs

How do I create a Ticketmaster Account?

To create a "My Ticketmaster" account, click here and select "Create Account". To use Mobile Ticket delivery all recipients must have a Ticketmaster Account.

I booked on a desktop computer. Can I still choose Mobile Ticket delivery?

Yes, you can book via any device (desktop/tablet/mobile) and choose this delivery method.

Ticketmaster’s website is optimized for use in Google Chrome and may not display all features in other browsers.

What do I need to do to scan my mobile when I get to the venue?

Make sure the backlight on the phone is set nice and bright. Scanners work much better with a bright screen and it will save time at the venue entrance changing this if the ticket won't scan. If your ticket won’t scan, please visit the box office, show your Ticketmaster confirmation email and photo ID to obtain a paper ticket.

Will the scanners at venues work through phone screen covers?

Yes - there should be no issue using a phone that has a clear screen protector.

I haven’t downloaded my ticket. How can I get it?

You will need to login to your Ticketmaster Account and download your ticket to your phone. Alternatively, please visit the box office show your Ticketmaster confirmation email and photo ID the box office staff will be able to print a paper ticket for you.

Do all the members in my booking need to arrive together if I have selected eTicket delivery?

Yes, all members in your booking must arrive together as scanning will be conducted on your (the purchaser’s) mobile device. Alternatively, you can use Ticket Forward and send individual tickets to all members in your group.

Can I forward tickets that someone has forwarded to me?

Yes – once you accept the forwarded ticket/s, if you are unable to use them, you can forward them back to the original owner or forward them to anyone you want (they will need a Ticketmaster account to access the tickets).

For more information on how to use Ticket Forward click here.

I forwarded my ticket to a friend: they cannot find the tickets. What do I do?

You can check the progress of the tickets you have forwarded at  any time in your account details screen on the Ticketmaster website.

If their tickets have not arrived into their inbox get your friend to check their junk folder for the email.  To access the tickets, they will need to accept tickets and have a Ticketmaster account. Alternatively, you can cancel the ticket forwarding and try to send again. For further assistance, please contact Ticketmaster 0800 111 999.

What happens if I lose/change my phone?

You can choose to access your mobile tickets on another device (desktop/mobile) or choose to print your tickets at-home. You will need to log into your My Ticketmaster account to access your tickets. Alternatively, go the Box Office at the event, show your Ticketmaster email confirmation and photo ID to the team and they can l print your tickets for you.

What happens if I forget my phone or my battery dies at the venue?

If you find yourself at the venue and are unable to access your ticket on your mobile phone, please visit the Box Office. You will need to provide some form of ID so that the Box Office staff can access your Ticketmaster account details.

Need more information or help, email Auckland Live’s ticketing team at

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