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22 March, 2018

My Auckland Live Happy Place

Working long hours and with no two days ever the same, Adam Banaba loves the calm and quiet offered by the leafy courtyard at the front of the Herald Theatre

The sheltered spot is one of Adam’s favourite places to recharge after a busy shift as Auckland Live’s set-up and duty operations manager, where he oversees dozens of staff across multiple venues. 

Friday staff drinks, or ‘staffies’ are another reason Adam is fond of the space. The weekly get-togethers see Auckland Live teams gather around the courtyard’s tables and benches for a drink, a snack and a catchup with their colleagues.

“It’s the perfect place to take a breather and have some facetime with people you’ve been talking to on email all week, but haven’t seen in person,” says Adam.

“I really like to relax here, and find out how everyone’s day has been, what’s coming up next week, or what people have planned for the weekend,” he says. 

Adam says ‘staffies’ attracts all sorts from across the organisation. 

“On a Friday there’ll be people here from front of house, backstage, the corporate offices, marketing – we’re from all walks of life, so the conversation’s always good!” 

He’ll also bring members of his own team to the event as a way of saying thank-you for their work, or if they’re new, to introduce them to other staff. 

 “I love showing my appreciation for my colleagues; after 11 years at this place, I’d still be lost without them!”