2023 PLAYWRIGHTS B4 25 - submissions open now

2023 PLAYWRIGHTS B4 25 - submissions open now

Published: 14 February 2023


Playwrights b4 25, offered in partnership with Auckland Live, has a proven track record of nurturing young writers to successful seasons of their work—you could be next. For this competition we are looking for writers under 25 who take risks and throw care to the wind, as well as those who write strong, conventional plays.  

There are absolutely no restrictions on style or content, whether it's a full length monologue or an epic for a cast of thousands, a comedy, or a gritty urban tragedy, we're interested in what you have to say. Write about anything you like, in any way you like, for any kind of audience you like.

Submissions can only be entered into this competition once and you may enter a maximum of three scripts. Plays entered under this competition may have been previously produced.

We strongly recommend that when playwrights are including stories or characters in their plays that are not of the playwright's own culture (e.g. te ao Māori or Pasifika), that they consult with the relevant community at the earliest possible stage of writing.

All submissions are read blind by the judges. The judges' decisions are final. Submissions close on Saturday 1 April.

The winning play will receive a prize of $1,500 courtesy of Auckland Live.


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