Auckland Live Staff Spotlight: Stacey Donaldson

Auckland Live Staff Spotlight

Senior Production Manager

Published: Thursday 13 June 2024


Auckland Live just turned 10! As we mark a decade of bringing the city performing arts and events to create memories that last a lifetime, we will be highlighting the journeys of some of our amazing staff behind the curtain who make the magic happen. 

This week we meet Stacey Donaldson.

Introduce yourself and what you do.  

Kia ora, my name is Stacey Donaldson. I grew up in Rotorua and went to school there and in Chicago.  After school I worked, travelled, and did a year of study at Unitec.  From there I started working as a Freelance Stage Manager which progressed to Production Management.  The Edge gave me a call in 2014, I accepted the role and have been here ever since. 

I have been the Bookings and Contracts Administrator, a Production Manager, a short stint as an Event Coordinator on my events also, and now I am the Senior Production Manager for Technical Productions. 


How did you become a Senior Production Manager?  

There was a department restructure at the end of 2019 and a new role for Senior was created to run a larger team of Production Managers. 


What attributes do you think are important for a Production Manager? 

Check out my team, they are leaders in adaptability, meticulous organisational skills, strong communication, excellent problem-solving skills, technical knowledge across Staging, Lighting and Sound & Vision disciplines, leadership and budget management skills and contribute to a positive and collaborative team environment.  Cream of the crop! 


What’s the best advice you’ve ever received in terms of your role?  

We make events happen”. 

There are a few others that come to mind, best to keep those to Friday afternoon staffies. 


What would you say to someone wanting to get into production in the performing arts?  

Do it.  Be open to opportunities, learn everything you can from people who have been in the industry for a long time (there are plenty of us/them around) and always, always respect the Housekeeping team. 

Shows and events Stacey is looking forward to:

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