Meet the Incredible Team Behind Circa’s Peepshow (Club Remix) 

Published: Friday 9 June, 2023

Established in 2004, Circa has become one of the world’s leading circus performance companies. Under the direction of award-winning circus visionary Yaron Lifschitz, the diverse ensemble of circus artists has taken their revolutionary shows all over the world to over 1.5 million people “blurring the lines between movement, dance, theatre and circus.” The Circa ensemble is now globally recognised for their innovative shows that “...expand the vocabulary and emotional palette of the form, exploring fertile borderlands with physical theatre and contemporary dance in a way that deepens the impact of the physical genius on display.” - The Age, AUS.  

The company is a regular fixture at festivals and theatres in over 40 countries, including Edinburgh Fringe, the Sydney Opera House, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the 2018 Commonwealth Games, Mexico’s Festival de Mayo, and many more world-renowned venues and festivals.  

We are looking forward to the gravity defying ensemble transforming The Civic into a boundary pushing spectacle for the world premiere of Circa’s Peepshow (Club Remix).  

“(Circa) the forefront of contemporary circus” - THE GUARDIAN 

The wildly talented and multiskilled ensemble cast of Circa’s Peepshow (Club Remix) is made up of incredible artists performing across hula hoop, tissu, juggling and more. For this special show, they are being joined by live DJ Ori Lichtik. The multifaced musician and DJ is bringing the world of techno raves to the circus with pulsating beats and the immersive energy of the underground.  

“Circa’s performers are the rock stars of the circus world.” - THE LIST (UK) 


Keep reading below to learn more about this incredible ensemble cast leading the revolution of contemporary circus:  

Yaron Lifschitz – Artistic Director  

The award-winning director has a background in theatre, and as NIDA graduate has directed over 60 productions including large-scale events, opera, theatre, physical theatre, and circus. Yaron’s groundbreaking work has pushed the boundaries and definitions of what circus is today.  

“...Lifschitz creates show after stunning show as if by magic.” - THE STAGE, UK 


Billie Wilson-Coffey – Associate Director/Acrobat 

Billie discovered Spaghetti Circus at the age of 11 before moving to Melbourne to study at the National Institute of Circus Arts in 2007. Billie made her international debut at the 4th World Circus Festival in Moscow. Billie’s first creation with Circa was in 2011 for the world premiere of Nocturne in South Korea. 


Ori Lichtik – Live DJ/Musician 

Ori Lichtik is a multifaceted musician, drummer, and creative DJ. One of the founding fathers of the techno scene in Israel, he has produced and spined musical productions, techno raves and various other music and performance events since 1996. 

 “(Circa) ...stunning, fearless yet poignantly vulnerable" - THE NEW YORK TIMES, USA 


Chelsea Hall - Acrobat 

As a child Chelsea had a keen curiosity for nature and physics, always planning on being a scientist. However, once finding circus that dream soon shifted. She completed the Bachelor of Circus Arts at NICA in 2022 specialising in dance trapeze, hula hoops and group acrobatics. She still brings her love of the natural and scientific world with her through her performance and love of exploration.  


Sam Letch - Acrobat 

Sam grew up in the northwest of England, doing back tucks off sand dunes until he discovered Parkour at the age of 15. His acrobatics took him to the National Centre for Circus Arts (London) where he studied teeterboard, hand to hand, banquine, floor and group acrobatics. Sam’s first circus job was performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

“There’s something almost comforting about walking into a Circa show. Knowing, without 

a shadow of a doubt, that you’ll be met with high quality circus that sets your pulse 

racing and your soul stirring” – THE SCOTSMAN, SCOTLAND 


Lachlan Sukroo - Acrobat 

Lachlan enrolled him in Canberra’s Warehouse Circus at the age of 8. He attended the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) studying Chinese pole, teeterboard, and group acrobatics. After graduating, Lachlan performed with Circus Oz for two years performing internationally and around Australia before joining the Circa Ensemble in January 2019. 


Luke Thomas - Acrobat 

 At age 11, Luke joined Circus 35° South, and trained in aerials, tumbling and manipulation for seven years before studying at the National Institute of Circus Arts where he specialised in tissue, foot juggling and group acrobatics. Luke co-created and performed Out of This World Children’s Show, with seasons at Woodford Folk Festival and Melbourne Fringe Festival.  

“A masterpiece of circus arts ... virtually flawless” - LA PRESSE, MONTRÉAL 


Christina Zauner - Acrobat 

Christina started to train in aerials and vertical dance while studying Classical and Contemporary Dance at MUK Vienna. Christina found her way into the circus world after working at the Vienna State Opera, in the Irish Company Fidget Feet and as a performer and Choreographer at Krystallpalast Varieté Leipzig. 

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