Meet the artist – Come Together: Neil Young’s Harvest

Meet the Artist - Come Together: Neil Young's Harvest

It’s New Zealand Music Month and what better way to celebrate than with one of the greatest albums of all time. Check out Neil Young’s Harvest will be recreated live and in person by a fabulous, supergroup band of much-loved New Zealand musicians. Witness this iconic album in its entirely track-to-track, front-to-back plus a bonus set of Neil Young classics and deep cuts!

We had the privilege of sitting down with musician and (band member) Dianne Swann to hear her stories, insights and what drives her performing in a band an awesome as this!

Introduce yourself and your art practice:
My name is Dianne Swann, I have lived had a life full of writing songs, playing shows, singing and playing guitar. And many things in-between. 

What’s your favourite thing about what you do?  
I feel lucky to have discovered a form of self expression at a young age, it keeps me grounded, inquisitive. 

What’s the hardest thing about what you do?
Honestly, the hardest thing about what I do is the uncertainly of what may or may not be coming up next, and how to afford the next project to generate more work and more shows.  It always has been, but it is the nature if what we do. It helps to live in a city where the arts are valued and therefore more opportunities and colour for us all. 

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?  
Be nice to the crew! They make you sound and look good. 

What’s the best show you’ve seen this year?
Touring is not always helpful, you pften miss the exact shows you want to see because you are playing on the same night.. but I did get to see the Dance Exponents/ Exponents at a sold out Auckland Town Hall. It was brilliant hearing those earlier songs. I love the Town Hall. 

How have Auckland Live supported you through the years and what does this support mean to you?
Through inclusion in many of the shows they have supported and facilitated, from a professional point of view as a performer and also as an audience member. Performing and having a place to perform and a purpose are important. Having a rich and diverse range of arts events to attend and experience is key to a successful city. 

What does it mean to you for Tāmaki Makaurau to be recognised as a UNESCO City of Music?
It is important but we have to ensure we keep venues open in the inner city and keep innovating and thinking ahead to provide more opportunities for music of all styles and all levels. 

Tell us about your upcoming project/show.
I am currently rehearsing for The Liberty Stage Come Together Album tour Neil Young Harvest performed back-to-back and then other classic songs and deep cuts- this one will be guitar heaven and a not to miss for any Neil Young Fans out there. Those who attended the sold out Neil Young Live Rust tour/show are still talking about it in the threads! A lovely line-up of musicians who love Neil's music so much - they will treat it with the reverence and care it deserves. 

What can audiences expect from the project/show?
It will be a celebration of music and a lot of joy on stage amongst the musicians. This always translates to a special experience for the audience. 

Come Together: Neil Young's Harvest

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