Nightsong is delighted to return to the stage with their 2022 underground hit - THE WORM

Nightsong is delighted to return to the stage with their 2022 underground hit - THE WORM

Published: 14 March 2023


Nightsong supported by Auckland Live presents THE WORM  

Written by Carl & Peter Bland

Directed by Ben Crowder & Carl Bland

Starring Yvette Parsons, Semu Filipo, Andrew Grainger, Anapela Polataivao & Albert Latailakepa

Original music by Carnivorous Plant Society


Nightsong is delighted to return to the stage with their 2022 underground hit - THE WORM playing at Bruce Mason Centre 5 April, ahead of a school holiday run from 11 - 22 April at the Herald Theatre, Aotea Centre.

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine you are in a charming (but slightly absurd) place. Somewhere that could exist in the world of Coraline, Badjelly the Witch and maybe even Hilda. But really, it’s its own world. Something akin to a fairy-tale – a little bit outrageous, highly inventive, and not too sickly sweet. Prepare to enter the world of THE WORM and join his quest to save his mother.

When a giant bird beak breaks through the ceiling and snatches his mother away, a little worm must go on an epic adventure to save her. However, the journey to the surface is riddled with danger. It takes the little worm through a dark, subterranean world - full of empty streets and flea-bitten bars. He must dodge the sharp spade of the gardener, outsmart poisonous spiders and battle the ruler of the underworld, The Blind Rat and her henchman Snail.

Last year, this show went off. Kids from all over Tāmaki Makaurau bused into the city to catch THE WORM, many of whom had never experienced live theatre before.

Young audiences commented:

“This was my first time at the theatre, and it was so exciting. I can’t wait for part two!”

“The play was so cool, to be honest I loved the Rat, cause she was Samoan like me.”

Many chose to dance the worm in the foyer, and these weren’t just the kids! In fact, the show is pitched to be best matched to all adults aged seven and up.

“So perfectly pitched for the enjoyment of older and younger audiences” – Kick Arts

A true testament to those who believe in their artistry, Nightsong has drawn together an ensemble of heavy hitters from the acting and music scenes. Taking us on a journey into the world of THE WORM is a cast that includes: the wildly talented Yvette Parsons (Nude Tuesday, Educators), the brilliant and inimitable Semu Filipo (Next Goal Wins, The Justice of Bunny King), Auckland theatre’s favourite Brit Andrew Grainger (Nightsong’s Te Pō, The Breaker Upperers), the incomparable and powerhouse creative Anapela Polataivao (The Justice of Bunny King, The Panthers) and notable newcomer Albert Latailakepa (Toi Whakaari: New Zealand Drama School).

Not skimping on a show for the next generation of theatre lovers, THE WORM not only features an original music score composed by Carnivorous Plant Society but will host two of the talented band live on stage for each performance. And, as Nightsong audiences have come to expect, the story will be brought to life with out-of-this-world, larger-than-life puppets and props, designed by Andrew Foster, to set the subterranean stage for this tale.

So, what in THE WORM are you waiting for?

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