The Art of Black Grace 1/5 An Immersive Dance Experience by Neil Ieremia



The Art of Black Grace 1/5
An Immersive Dance Experience by Neil Ieremia

Published: 4 November 2022



Neil Ieremia and renowned New Zealand Pacific Contemporary dance company Black Grace in association with performing arts partner Auckland Live present The Art of Black Grace 1/5 - an Immersive Dance Experience by Neil Ieremia (ONZM), supported by Creative New Zealand. 

Due to unexpected shipping delays of essential components for the production, The Art of Black Grace 1/5 will now open on Sunday, November 20 at a new location Karanga Plaza, Wynyard Quarter.

Black Grace unveils its most ambitious, exhilarating creative project yet. The Art of Black Grace 1/5 is a state-of-the-art, first-of-its-kind interactive dance experience. Part-performance, part-exhibition and part-archive, set in a non-contact environment that uses sophisticated technology to immerse audiences in the extraordinary world of Black Grace.

Enter the universe of The Art of Black Grace – a portable 360-degree, 15-metre diameter by 6-metre high ‘cylindrical structure’ situated in Auckland’s Karanga Plaza, Wynyard Quarter that accommodates up to 100 people. Designed so the audience feels as if they are within a sensory show, as visuals and sounds are displayed on 288sqm of LED panels.
Black Grace founder and artistic director Neil Ieremia says, “The Art of Black Grace speaks directly to our purpose, to create world-class experiences in Pacific Contemporary Dance; and our vision, to create transformational dance experiences of the highest calibre that represent our unique place in the Pacific.

Our ultimate goal is to have multiple displays in different locations across the globe at one time – one has to dream big”.

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