Through the Roof Arts Festival Comes to the Aotea Centre!

Through the Roof Arts Festival Comes to the Aotea Centre!

Published: Tuesday 28 November, 2023

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Glass Ceiling Arts Collective is thrilled to announce its second Through The Roof youth arts festival, a radically inclusive day of creativity and fun. Through the Roof is a series of FREE events showcasing the unique and diverse talents of participants in Glass Ceiling’s nine classes, which are run in Auckland, Whangārei, Hikurangi, Tauranga and Christchurch.

The day will include excerpts from the year’s theatre events - including Grease, School of Rock and Finding Nemo - along with the WORLD PREMIERE of eight films created by the Glass Ceiling participants. Prepare for the warm fuzzies as young people tell their stories their way!

Charlotte Nightingale, artistic director at Glass Ceiling, says: “We’re so excited for this epic day of creativity, celebrating the talents of our disabled and non-disabled artists. These wonderful young people have been so committed to creating hilarious theatre and magical short films - we can’t wait to show them to the world!"

Glass Ceiling is a place where everyone is welcome, everyone is supported, and everyone has the space to just be themselves.We see our kids absolutely thrive in this environment and we’re so looking forward to seeing them perform at Through The Roof next month. Please come and celebrate with us!

Through the Roof celebrates 2023's UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities and is being presented in three locations across New Zealand.

Through the Roof is a true kids’ YES day with only one rule: It includes absolutely everyone.

Glass Ceiling’s mission is to create a radically inclusive society. It smashes barriers to participation, no matter the challenges kids may face. Because that matters for the well-being and health of our young people, and the future of Aotearoa.


About Glass Ceiling Arts Collective

Glass Ceiling Arts Collective creates a radically inclusive community by ensuring there are no barriers for young people. It runs art classes, film festivals and multi-sensory theatre across Aotearoa, with the aim of supporting the health and wellbeing of its participants and families. Mike Eaglesome and Charlotte Nightingale co-founded the charity four years ago as a result of their own lived experience of disability and neurodivergence.

What Glass Ceiling Arts Collective parents say about their kids:

Her confidence from all you at Arts Collective is making her feel ten feet tall.”

They are both given so many opportunities that are setting them up for a confident and successful life.

How [he] responded to individual, multi-sensory moments was beautiful and left me in tears. It showed me how important the arts are for our community and how Charlotte and her team's vision could make a pathway to the arts ..where experiences for him are extremely rare.”


Tickets to Through the Roof are free but you need to register.

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