Our resident companies and festivals

Our resident companies and festivals

Auckland Live is the Auckland home for all New Zealand’s treasured national and regional arts companies, and the hub of a stunning array of festivals. These renowned companies and festivals offer audiences the chance to experience world-class performances and to engage with the arts in meaningful and innovative ways. 

Auckland Live’s long standing partnerships with our resident companies and festivals is an integral part of our mission to breathe life into Auckland and bring artists and audiences together to ignite emotions and create memories that last a lifetime. A central part of our partnerships is to work closely with each of these organisations to ensure our venues provide the perfect atmosphere for their performances and to support their campaigns with marketing insights and local knowledge to build awareness and the enthusiasm for their events. 

We also partner with our residents companies and festivals to ensure new and young audiences can experience and discover the arts from a young age, getting a taste for the performing arts through our family friendly event Pick & Mix, featuring a variety of free performances and interactive workshops. The Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra features child friendly and educational events through their APO for Kids and Unwrap the Music concerts, with events by our other resident companies further broadening the range of programmes available.

Throughout the year, across all our venues, festivals add to the vibrancy of our city and cater for every taste, interest, culture and art form with both local and international events showcased through a variety of festivals including the New Zealand International Film Festival, the Auckland Arts Festival, Auckland Writers Festival and New Zealand International Comedy Festival.

We invite you to discover our resident companies and festivals.

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At festival time, you look for things you’d never see the rest of the year.
David Larsen, Metro, NZ