Each year, Playwrights b4 25 recognises the best new writing for the stage by writers under the age of 25. Through this competition Playmarket has nurtured young writers to successful seasons of their work both in Aotearoa and internationally.  

There are absolutely no restrictions on style or content, whether it's a full-length monologue or an epic for a cast of thousands, a comedy, or a gritty urban tragedy. 

The winning play will receive a prize of $1,500 courtesy of Auckland Live. 


Past recipients of the Playwrights b4 25 award: 

2024 - Alex Medland for Becoming Jeff Bezos

2023 - Jack McGee for Boys and Girls at the School Silent Disco

2022 - Talia Pua for Pork and Poll Taxes

2021 Te Huamanuka Luiten-Apirana for Lip Sync, Kanikani, Twerk Off! 

2020 - Ben Wilson for Homemade Takeaways 

2019 - Courtney Rose Brown for Breathless 

2018 - Peter Croft for Penalty 

2017 - Finnius Teppett for Cannibal 

2016 - Nathan Joe for Like Sex 

2015 - Nathan Joe for Hippolytus Veiled: Or, Eros Beware! and Cassandra Tse for Long Ago, Long Ago 

2014 - Jess Sayer for Hanged 

2013 Sam Brooks for Queen and Jess Sayer for Elevator 

2012 - Sam Brooks for his three plays Mab's Room, The Sacred Prodigies and Auckland Shakes 

2011 - Jess Sayer for FIX and Joseph Harper for The Boy and the Bicycle. 

2009 - Kate Morris for Sketch; Martha Hardy-Ward for Silent Night; and Harry Meech for Plains. 

2008 - Kate Morris, Harry Meech, Martha Hardy-Ward. 

2007 Ashley Milne, Thomas Sainsbury, Branwen Millar, Georgina Titheridge, Kate Morris, Thalia Henry 

2005 - Zoe Deverick, Paul Rothwell, Thomas Sainsbury, Owen Winter, Robbie Ellis, Kate Morris 

2003 - Benjamin Cleaver, Rochelle Bright, Thomas Sainsbury, Daniel Musgrove, Claire Van Beek, Miria George, Lisa Norriss, Sarah Robertson 

2001 - Thomas Sainsbury, Tui Matelau, Kathryn van Beek, Dean Hewison, Sarah Anne Robertson, Robbie Ellis 

1999 Natalie Cannon & Aziza Simons, Ruby Brunton, Elsbeth Wood, Kerry Sheehan, Philip Braithwaithe, Anna Reveley 


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