Past Event14 Apr - 29 Apr


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Aotea Square


You loved it last year and now it's back!

Place a token in the vintage washing machine-come-jukebox. Plug in your phone or music device and play your favourite song. Then dance!


Beautifully designed as an urban space to bring people together via spontaneous dancing, the Dance-O-Mat was originally designed in post-quake Christchurch to make use of the newly vacant spaces in the city.

Auckland Live commissioned Auckland’s very own Dance-O-Mat,  which made its debut in Aotea Square last year. It’s very cool – and no skill or experience is required!

Parris Goebel was at the opening in 2017 and the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall have also strutted and shaken their stuff on the dancefloor in Christchurch, where no skill or experience is required.

Dance-O-Mat is an Auckland Live Experience. 

To learn more about the creation of Dance-O-Mat and Gap Filler please visit:

Watch  Fidget Collective dancers and choreographer Sarah O'Neil demonstrate some moves to The AM Show's Aziz Al-Sa'afin on the Dance-O-Mat here.


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Auckland Live Dance-O-Mat

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This is a free, non-ticketed event.