Past Event3 Feb - 5 Feb 2023

Fiesta in the Square

No longer available

Aotea Square


¡Vamos a la fiesta! 

Summer is here and there’s fiesta about to heat up Aotea Square

Prepare to sashay your way into this giant party – it's going to be an explosion of Latin American culture filled with all the colourful sights, exciting experiences, zingy foods, and sizzling sounds

There will be lively performances, Latin dance classes, live music and more – it's all happening right in the heart of Tāmaki Makaurau. 

While you're visiting, make sure you stop by to enjoy a bite or a beverage from pop-up food trucks or the Container in the Square Café.

This event is programmed in partnership with Viva Dance


Friday 3 February | 2pm – 11pm

Main Stage

5pm – 6.30pm | Workshop: Salsa Dance Lesson with Viva Dance 

6.30pm – 7pm | Performance: Samba Passion, Maculelê Capoeira, AK Samba

7pm – 8pm | Performance: Banda Latina

8pm - 9pm | DJ: DJ King Salsa

9pm – 10pm | Performance: Banda Latina

10pm – 11pm | DJ: DJ King Salsa

DJ Stage

5pm – 7pm | DJ: Mister Deejay

7pm – 9pm | DJ: DJ Chino

9pm – 11pm | DJ: DJ JC 

Saturday 4 February | 12pm – 11pm

Main Stage

1pm – 1.45pm | Workshop: Latin Fitness with Claudio Viva Dance

1.45pm – 2pm | Traditional Show: Kunza (Chile), Tierra Viva (Colombia) 

2pm - 3pm | Workshop: Bachata Dance Lesson with Sweet Azucar

3pm - 4pm | Workshop: Forro Dance Lesson with Luciano & Annie

4pm - 5pm | Performance: Brazilian Band: Forró do Bom

5pm - 6pm | Performance: Traja Roots

6pm - 6.30pm | Performance: Unidos de Aotearoa Samba School

6.30pm - 7pm | Performance: Latin Dance Performances

7pm - 8pm | DJ: DJ JC

8pm - 9pm | Performance: Havanah Groove Latin Band

9pm - 10pm | DJ: DJ JC

10pm - 11pm | Performance: Samba Maracana Brazilian Band


DJ Stage

12pm – 2pm | DJ: DJ Dudley

2pm – 5pm | DJ: DJ Spooth

5pm – 8pm | DJ: DJ Chino

8pm - 11pm | DJ: Mister Deejay

Sunday 5 February | 12pm – 6pm

Main Stage

1pm - 1.30pm | Workshop: Zumba United 

1.30pm - 2.15pm | Performance: Ricky de Medeiros 

2.15pm - 2.45pm | Workshop: Capoeira Lesson with Maculelê Capoeira

2.45pm - 3.45pm | Performance: Mexican Mariachi 

3.45pm - 4pm | Traditional Show: Kunza (Chile) 

4pm - 4.45pm | Workshop: Tango Dance Lesson with Kelly 

4.45pm - 6pm | Workshop: Tango Practica / Milonga 


DJ Stage

12pm - 3pm | DJ: DJ Lucas Datt 

3pm - 6pm | DJ: DJ King Salsa

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