Touch Compass, with Auckland Live, presents i-waengā (in-between), a new digital work celebrating International Day of Persons with Disabilities (3 Dec 2020).

Visit Aotea Square between 7:30 am - 9:30 pm as we screen i-waengā on the Auckland Live Digital Stage. The 14 minute work will screen continuously across the day and will be available online for one week on the Auckland Live website and Touch Compass’ website.

Touch Compass commissioned seven artists to respond to the theme of time and space with each artist offering their different perspective.

These creatives from across Aotearoa and Australia offer windows into their experiences of indigenous time, disabled time and everything in-between.

Artists Tusiata Avia, Grace Taylor, Amy Blinkhorne, thecornycousin, Forest V Kapo, AJ FATA, AM Kanngieser plus Touch Compass have come together to offer sound installations, digital poetry and stop motion animations. Some artists are trying to beat the clock, break or bend time, and create moments of stillness.

This work celebrates the connections between different identities and encourages new understandings of the body as we recognise International Day of Persons with Disabilities (Dec 3).

Touch Compass with Auckland Live, presents i-waengā

Video description:

This video work is a 1 minute reel that begins with a black screen. The black screen is horizontally split in the centre and slowly reveals the text “i > waengā” placed in the centre of the screen in white with a black drop shadow. The background of the text has been divided up evenly within the letters, with an exert of footage from 7 different artists work. 
‘i’ - shows hands moving from the to top and bottom of screen, handling a pink coconut husk over a black and white geometrical pattern.
A small white triangle sits between the ‘i’ and ‘w’.
‘w’ - shows an orange animation of arrows on a turquoise background.
‘a’ - shows the image of blood dripping down a clock face with roman numeral numbers and a woman figure in the reflection.
‘e’ - shows a stop motion of a black line drawing on white paper.
’n’ - shows an image of tree branches with a contrasting shift of colour and shadow.
‘g’ shows white, tree, black, brown geometric patterns moving from the centre of the image.
‘ā’ shows an extreme close up of a womans lips speaking, the image has a hold frame and slightly saturated colouring effect.
Black screens from the top and bottom of the screen then enclose the images and word “i > waengā” to return to a black screen.


Upcoming Performances

This is a free 14 minute loop screening on the Auckland Live Digital Stage, Aotea Square.

Aotea Square | 7:30am - 9:30pm