Past Event16 Jan 2021

Ijebu Pleasure Club

No longer available

Aotea Square


Ijebu Pleasure Club take you to an alternative Nigeria in the 1980s, where a small-town afrobeat band has just been told they need to cover American pop hits to keep their gig. They don't own the records, but they'll give it a try. 

Mashing up the Afro-funk style of Fela Kuti, Ebo Taylor, Tony Allen and more, with '80's hits you know and love (and some best forgotten), this band will surprise and delight young and old.

With more horns than you can shake a lot of percussion at, the 11-piece line up is fronted by singer Nuel Nonso Nwachukwu, whose smile dazzles as he gets crowds on their feet dancing. 

Ijebu Pleasure Club will show you how all pop music comes from Mother Africa. 

Ijebu Pleasure Club

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