Past Event2 Oct 2019

Pasifika Mind and Body Class - Ura Tabu Pacific Dance

No longer available

Aotea Square

Join Ura Tabu Pacific Dance in the heart of Auckland for a Pasifika Mind and Body class - a rhythmic Pasifika dance system anchored in hā and powered by ancestral training techniques of warriors and voyagers. Mental and emotional balance is promoted as participants partake in acts of mindfulness, using indigenous chants and movements that acknowledge one’s environment and state of being.

Ura Tabu Pacific Dance embodies a collective female response to reignite the sacredness of dances from the Pacific as a way of re-establishing interconnectedness, collective well-being and unity, which ultimately cultivates female empowerment, bold creativity and fine art. Ura Tabu actively engage in an holistic approach to dance practices which heavily informs community, cooperatation and theatre-based dance works, honouring roots and traditional values, and the ever-changing and evolving environments in which we live.

E sui faiga ae tumau faavae.

Methods and approaches change, but foundations stay the same.

In this globalised age, we stand strong as women, armed with self-love and awakening.


In addition, join Tempo and Atawhai Festival for WHĀ: Hauora Sunrise Conversation- an insight into how dancers might embed a practice of holistic wellness into tinana (physical health), wairua (spiritual health), hine ngaro (mental health) and whānau (relational health).

Tempo Dance Festival 2019 :

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