Super HUGH-Man – The Legend Lives On

Past Event20 Sep - 23 Sep

Super HUGH-Man – The Legend Lives On

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Basement Theatre


One day, a little Maori boy from the east coast turned on the TV and discovered his childhood hero. Seventeen years later, that same, much older Maori boy, sat in a movie theatre and said goodbye.

In a world where mutants once fought good over evil, a tired Wolverine finally faces his ultimate nemesis in a life-or-death battle that will change the course of history. Armed with the power of song, a young Māori musical mutant arrives to resurrect his legacy with a plan that will lead Wolverine to ultimate immortality. 

Starring: Rutene Spooner
Director: Jennifer Ward-Lealand
Producer: New Zealand Music Theatre Company


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20 -22 Sept, 8pm

Sat 23 Sept, 6pm & 8pm

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