Take a 3D virtual tour of Auckland Live!

Take a 3D virtual tour of Auckland Live!

20 Jul 2017

Auckland Live’s venues have just become even more inviting with the rollout of 3D virtual tours, offering real time, immersive 360-degree views of our theatres, foyers, bars and cafés from the comfort of your armchair. 

The 3D virtual tour is a digital platform providing patrons with a bird’s eye view of the interiors of the Auckland Town Hall, The Civic, and the Bruce Mason Centre, and the ability to ‘walk through’ the venues, via any computer or hand-held digital device. 

3D virtual tours have become commonplace in real estate marketing, where they’ve been credited with increasing buyer engagement and interaction. 

Auckland Live’s 3D virtual tours are designed with show-goers in mind, allowing them to become familiar with our venues before stepping foot inside them. 

By navigating the venues online, patrons can take note of where the toilets are located, how many stairs are in a venue, or which door they can access the auditorium from. Planning for a visit to an Auckland Live venue is made easier for the disabled or elderly with step counts provided for each venue’s thoroughfares, and options for the most accessible elevators and car parks easy to explore. 

Take a tour now via any one of the Auckland Live venue web pages and enjoy your visit!

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