The fallout will be unpredictable.

Following London, New York, Sydney and Melbourne seasons, Lucy Kirkwood’s Tony Award-nominated play The Children finally arrives in Auckland.

In an isolated cottage on the English coast, two retired nuclear physicists have retreated to safety after a natural disaster. Life is tough, electricity is rationed, and they keep a Geiger counter on hand for good reason. Nevertheless, they have worked all their lives for their retirement and are determined to enjoy it!

‘A brilliant, provocative piece of drama’ - Financial Times

Presented by Plumb Productions with Auckland Live, and under the direction of Paul Gittins, The Children sees an all-star cast of Elizabeth Hawthorne (Blonde Poison), David Aston (The Matrix) and Carmel McGlone (Pop Up Globe’s Romeo & Juliet) go toe-to-toe in a taut piece that starts as a domestic drama and ends up as an all too imaginable eco-thriller.

‘Beautifully written’ - The Independent

The Children is the third production from Auckland-based Plumb Productions. The company launched in 2017 with a sell-out season of Blonde Poison - featuring Elizabeth Hawthorne in her first solo performance. In 2018 Plumb presented Stuart Hoar’s Bright Star – a play about New Zealand astronomist Beatrice Tinsley, as part of Suffrage 125.

The Children is a compelling drama about the legacy the baby boomer generation is leaving behind for the generations that follow.

‘Despair is not an acceptable position’ – Lucy Kirkwood