Digital Art Live

Auckland Live presents Digital Art Live, a free art installation where audiences can engage with interactive artworks by local and international artists on a large screen in the foyer of the Bruce Mason Centre in Takapuna.

Initially a partnership with Colab at AUT, Digital Art Live gives audiences the opportunity to be part of an interactive artwork, through movement and engagement with the screen, while showcasing works year ‘round by digital artists both established and emerging.’

Unique in New Zealand, Digital Art Live is part of Auckland Live’s commitment to supporting local talent, as well as sharing with the community the creativity and vision of artists from around the world. 

Archives accessible here (from 2011 to 2017)

Technical specifications accessible here 

What is interactive art?

Each artwork is a new and unique experience and there is no rule as to how to make the artwork come to life. Some of the works react to your body movement, others to twitter feeds, others to the number of people in front of the Digital Art Live screen.

What might happen?

Some artists give you the opportunity to have a direct experience. For example, you move in front of the screen and the colour changes. The work becomes an extension of you and your actions.

Other works are more complex with specific rules. You can stand back and watch the artwork or choose to disrupt it.  Beware however, the work will have its specific way of responding to your involvement. It could be quick but can be very slow, so take your time and find out how to interact with the work.

Digital Art Live is free. So enjoy, come down and play!