12 Nov 2024

7 Days Live

$64.00 - $69.00

Bruce Mason Centre

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Watch out! You will not be protected by censors, lawyers, or editors. This is New Zealand’s favourite TV comedy, but raw and uncut, right in front of your eyes, on stage live in your town.

7 Days Live starts with a burst of quick-fire standup comedy from New Zealand’s best comedians. Then it’s the 7 Days show that you love – but bigger.

Jeremy Corbett is bringing Ego, Henwood, Ben Hurley, Justine Smith, Josh Thomson and Hayley Sproull right across Aotearoa for ten off-the-leash shows. It’s intensity in ten cities!

Bring your friends, bring your partner, bring a work group and bring your sense of humour. It’s Aotearoa’s best comedy night out. It’s 7 Days, Live.

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