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Accessibility | Āheinga

We believe the arts are for everyone. We work hard to make live events accessible for as many people as possible in Auckland.

Our venues, events and performances are accessible for all entertainment lovers; including people who are deaf or hard of hearing, blind or have low vision, or reduced mobility.  

We are here to help 

Please contact us once you have booked your tickets and/or prior to coming to a show or performance regarding any access requirements, support or information you, your family or friends may need.

Contact us: Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm
Phone: 09 309 2677

At the show or venue: Please ask for assistance or advice from any of our experienced and knowledgeable uniformed staff members.  They will ensure you and your guests have the best experience possible. 

Our Be Accessible ratings

The Bruce Mason Centre in Takapuna is currently rated Gold for accessibility by Be.Lab (formerly Be. Accessible).

The Auckland Town HallThe CivicAotea Square and Aotea Centre are rated Silver. We are constantly work on improving our scores, and offering our patrons and visitors a truly accessible experience.

Upcoming Accessible Performances

At Auckland Live, accessibility is at the heart of our work. As part of that, we make sure our venues are accessible and offer a range of accessible performances for all live arts and entertainment lovers. See below for our upcoming accesible performances.


Making our shows and venues accessible

Accessibility Virtual Tours

Designed for patrons who have mobility restrictions or are wheelchair users. Familiarise yourself with the layout of our venues from the comfort of home. 

Take an Accessibility Virtual Tour of the:
Aotea Centre
The Civic
Auckland Town Hall
Bruce Mason Centre

Each tour provides a virtual pathway through the venue, using easy, navigational tools to assist with wayfinding.  The tours include 3D images of the venues, colour-coded pathways for patrons depending on the level of mobility, and step counts to key areas such as wheelchair seating, box offices, bathrooms, and lifts. 

Reduced Mobility

All Auckland Live venues can be accessed by wheelchairs and walkers and have elevators and ramps for those with difficulty accessing stairs.

We have seats at all our venues which are specially designed to be accessible for wheelchair users. 

Please notewalkers can be a hazard and for the safety and wellbeing of all audiencse they must be removed from the theatre prior to the event starting. One of our friendly uniformed staff can return your walker to you any time you require it.

Booking wheelchair seats

To book wheelchair seats in our venues please contact Ticketmaster on 09 970 9711.  
Be sure to specifically request wheelchair seats. This is not a general sales line. 

Companion seats are available for those booking wheelchair seats.

Courtesy wheelchairs

We have two wheelchairs available at each venue if you or someone you’re coming with has mobility needs. 

You can request one of these by calling us on + 64 9 309 2677.

Venue drop-off points

There are drop-off points located in close proximity to all our venues for those who require step-free access, or who are unable to walk long distances. These drop-off points are not car parks, but places where cars can temporarily stop to let passengers out.

Aotea Centre

Kiri Te Kanawa Theatre, Aotea Centre: This venue can be accessed internally from Level 1 of the Civic Car Park and Myers Street off Mayoral Drive next to the CRL train station construction site.
Herald Theatre: 50 Mayoral Drive, outside the Aotea Centre Stage Door, next to the Herald Theatre's main entrance.

Auckland Town Hall

Great Hall and Concert Chamber, Auckland Town Hall: Directly outside the Auckland Town Hall on Queen Street, close to the main entrance. Take the Accessibility Virtual Tour of the Auckland Town Hall.

The Civic

The Civic: On the corner of Elliott Street and Wellesley St West.
Please note that the bus stops located directly outside The Civic’s main entrance on Queen Street and Wellesley Street are for buses only and can be extremely busy during peak times.
Take the Accessibility Virtual Tour of The Civc

Bruce Mason Centre

Bruce Mason Centre: A dedicated drop-off zone is located just up from the main entrance, running parallel with Killarney Street. This can be accessed from either Killarney Street or The Promenade. 
Take the Accessibility Virtual Tour of the Bruce Mason Centre

Shed 10 and The Cloud, Queens Wharf

Shed 10: Drop-off point is located at the roundabout to the left of Shed 10 on Queens Wharf. 
The Cloud: Drop off-point is located at the roundabout to the right of The Cloud on Queens Wharf

Mobility Parking

The Civic Car Park has mobility parking spots and is a short distance from Aotea Square, Aotea Centre, The Civic and Auckland Town Hall, as well as other Aotea Arts Quarter venues, making it a great option for attending shows and events.

Civic Car Park Mobility parking locations:

During standard hours, the first 2 hours of mobility parking are free with usual rates applied afterwards. After 6pm and on weekends, mobility parking is free. Take your mobility card and entry ticket to a pay machine, and press the help button. 

There are 20 mobility parking spots available, with locations as below:

  • Level 1 opposite Aotea Centre entry doors - 5x spaces, numbers 244 -248
  • Level 1 opposite Aotea Centre entry doors (next to the yellow booth) 4x spaces, numbers 207 - 210
  • Level 1 Town Hall corner 1x large space, number 271
  • Level 1 Sky Metro corner 5x spaces, numbers 9-13
  • Level 2 Town Hall corner 2x spaces
  • Level 3 Town Hall corner 3x spaces

Additional information:

  • Vehicle height clearance is 2.08m 
  • The car park is underground, but well lit
  • Lift access is available from Aotea Square to all levels 
  • There are 6 electric vehicle charge points, located on level 1 

It is important, however, to remember that sometimes all our venues are filled with events. Make sure you have a backup parking plan. 

  • Paper tickets are no longer required at The Civic Carpark.
  • When you drive in, your licence plate number will be scanned and the gate will open.
  • On leaving, you can pay by entering your licence plate number via the AT Park app 
  • Note: you may need to make payment prior to entering the underground area to remain in range of cell phone service.
  • If you don't have the app, you can pay via a payment machine by inputing your licence plate number.
  • Once your payment has been made, simply drive straight out. 

Visit our Parking and Transport page for more information.

Venue lifts and bathrooms

Lifts in our venues 

All Auckland Live venues have lifts and there is clear directional signage indicating where the lifts are located inside all of our venues.

At the show or venue, please ask for assistance and directions from any of our uniformed staff members.    

Aotea Centre 

Once you have walked inside the Aotea Centre the lifts are located in the left-hand side of the building and are accessible from Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3  foyers and from Level 1 of the Civic car park.

Auckland Town Hall 

In the Auckland Town Hall, there is a glass lift in the central atrium in close proximity to the Great Hall and the Concert Chamber. It is accessible from both the Queen Street and Greys Avenue entrances.

Bruce Mason Centre 

Once inside the Bruce Mason Centre the passenger lift is on the right side of the venue, it is accessible from the Ground Floor Foyer via the main entrance and the rear entrance via the Auckland Transport parking building.

The Civic 

The Civic passenger lift is located on the Ground Floor of The Civic foyer.  When arriving inside the main entrance the lift is on the left-hand side of the venue via the Door C Circle corridor.  

Shed 10 

The Shed 10 passenger lift is located at the left-hand side of the building and is accessible from the Ground Floor foyer via the main entrance.

The Cloud 

The Cloud's accessible lift to the Mezzanine level is located on the left-hand side towards the end of the building and is accessible from the Ground Floor via the North & South main entrances.

Accessibility toilets in our venues 

All Auckland Live venues have accessible  toilets and there is directional signage indicating where these toilets are located throughout each venue.  

At the show or venue please ask for assistance and directions from any of our uniformed staff members.    

Blind or low vision

Front of House help

Visually impaired patrons can call Ticketmaster on 09 970 9745 any time before 5pm on the day of the show to ask them to alert Auckland Live's front of house staff of their arrival time and any assistance that may be needed at the venue.

At the show or venue: Please ask for assistance or advice from any of our experienced and knowledgeable uniformed staff members. They will ensure you and your guests have the best experience possible.

Guide dogs

Guide dogs are welcome at all our venues.

Audio-described performances

Audio description captures the visual elements of a show that a blind or visually impaired person might otherwise miss, and describes them in clear and vivid language.

Trained audio describers provide a live, concise and factual description of the action and visual elements of the show, which you listen to through an earpiece attached to a pocket-sized radio. We give theatergoers who are taking advantage of our audio-descriptions a set of introductory notes to listen to before the performance. The notes include a description of the stage set, props, costumes, etc.

Touch Tours

Before or after each audio-described performance, audience members using the audio description can walk through the set on stage, touch set pieces, feel the costumes, and handle key props.

It’s important that you book in advance for a Touch Tour, as our group sizes are limited.

Sign up

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Deaf or hard of hearing

Hearing aid loops

Hearing aid loops are available at The CivicAotea Centre (in the Kiri Te Kanawa Theatre), Auckland Town Hall (the Great Hall and the Concert Chamber), and the Bruce Mason Centre.

To use the loop, just switch your hearing aids to 'tele'.

There are particular areas in each venue that are covered by the hearing aid loop. To use it, you will need to make sure you book tickets in the right section of the relevant theatre.
Please contact Ticketmaster (09) 970 9700 and request these seats specifically.

Sign Language-interpreted performances

These shows are for audience members who are deaf or hearing impaired. Trained interpreters, usually standing to the side of the stage, interpret the script during the performance using New Zealand Sign Language.

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Relaxed performances

Auckland Live offers relaxed performances for some shows.

Relaxed performances are just that – relaxed, and held in a comfortable, non-distracting, or non-aggravating environment. They are tailored for audience members with an autism spectrum disorder, a sensory or communications disorder, or learning difficulty.

Shows offering relaxed performances are accompanied by a Visual Story, a document which explains at a glance the venue and the show. This helps audiences attending become familiar with their visit in advance.

You can sign up to be informed when relaxed performances are happening in our venues and/or request a Visual Story by emailing

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