Past Event11 Mar - 17 May 2020


No longer available

Aotea Centre Wrap, Aotea Square

Visual arts

For those in the CBD, enjoy Venezuelan-French maestro Carlos Cruz-Diez’s monumental light and colour projection in Aotearoa for the first time. Whether you're an essential worker driving past, walking with your bubble to get fresh air or in an apartment looking down onto Aotea Square -  enjoy this stunning outdoor masterpiece. 

Cruz-Diez (1923–2019) was a major protagonist in the field of kinetic and optical art. His body of work explores how the movement of our bodies, objects and light determines our perception of colour. For him, colour was an evolving experience in space and time, and by means of various technologies he produced ingenious devices of perception. If looking at a painting is comparable to gazing out of a window, his works propose a leap into a void made of mutating colour.

For the first time in Aotearoa New Zealand, Te Tuhi and Auckland Live present the artist’s magnificent Chromointerference (1960–2019), where colour is made of projected moving patterns and light creating spellbinding ‘events’ in a monumental scale. 

This epic visual extravaganza will be projected onto the exterior surface of the Aotea Centre until May 17.


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This is a free event - Daily, sunset to 11pm