Past Event14 Oct 2019

Art of Wine 2019

No longer available

Shed 10, Queens Wharf

Special Events

We bring together the visionary winemakers of tomorrow, from 40+ cutting-edge artisanal producers with more than 100 wines under one roof, surrounded by New Zealand’s single greatest art collection. It will be an all-encompassing cultural event, attended by the country’s most prolific artists, musicians, media personalities, and you — the keen wine lovers, art aficionados and those who know how to celebrate life!

Tickets start at only $45/person, which grants you access to all wines available at the event and no token system! This is split across two sessions from 12:30pm to 3:30pm and 4:30pm to 9pm. There's no better way to spend a Monday than with a few good friends, tasting beautiful wines, paired with inspirational arts.

Great Little Vineyards (GLV) in collaboration with Starkwhite Gallery will be hosting its fifth annual portfolio tasting on October 14, 2019, at the incomparable venue, Shed 10. GLV is no ordinary wine merchant, and The Art of Wine is no ordinary wine showcase. This event will bring together the visionary winemakers of tomorrow - from the 40 cutting-edge artisanal producers in the GLV portfolio under one roof, surrounded by art from some of New Zealand's greatest talents.

The Art of Wine 2019 will be a dynamic journey through diverse and creative wines, hosted by the artisans who craft them. This will make The Art of Wine 2019 more than just a product showcase. It will be an all-encompassing cultural event attended by the country’s most prolific artists, musicians and media personalities.

Great art and great wine are inextricably linked. The Great Little Vineyards’ philosophy is all about treating wine as an expression of people and place: a handcrafted product of talented producers and their efforts. The portfolio has been carefully curated and relationships with the winemakers fostered by former successful restaurateur, now managing director, Daniel Kemp over fifteen years in the business. GLV’s wines defy convention and embrace the experimental, the genre-defying, the unexpected and unexplored. No other wine merchant in New Zealand has embraced this philosophy so completely.

This event is not just about showcasing great wine. By hosting this diverse range of winemakers from New Zealand and across the globe, GLV will be exposing a huge range of products, styles and personalities. This will also make The Art of Wine 2019 an educational event, introducing the most cutting-edge wine production techniques, and the colourful characters behind them, to the public. This will include workshops and group discussions with winemakers, and opportunities to interact with wine differently: specific wines paired with specific artworks and making use of different spaces and environments throughout the venue.

The Art of Wine 2019 will be an immersive and engaging experience across all levels. GLV’s intention is to expand horizons and defy expectations in a wine market that too often favours characterless mass-production over expressions of real beauty and individuality.


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