Past Event18 Aug 2018


No longer available

Bruce Mason Centre

Special Events

BreakThrough is back!

If you attended the BreakThrough concerts in 2015, 2016 and 2017 then be ready for a bigger, bolder and more exciting concert in 2018. This year we explore the Bible in song, drama and dance, as we unravel the mystery of suffering in life and discover the grace of God and our victory in Jesus Christ.

This is a live concert of the best Christian praise music,  and exciting drama and dance. 


Featuring hits  ‘Your Love Defends Me’, ‘Everlasting God’, ‘Awesome God’ (Fr Chris Skinner), ‘God’s Not Dead’, ‘Only King Forever’, ‘Eres Rey’ and many more. Also featuring the new single, ‘The War’s already won’ by Jesus the Good Shepherd Band.
Bands and singers include Jesus the Good Shepherd Band, DRC NZ Praise Band, Fusion Youth Band, Christian Youth Revolution, and for the very first time Fr Chris Skinner.


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