Past Event28 Mar 2021

Dark, Bright Night

No longer available

Concert Chamber, Auckland Town Hall

Classical music

Exploring themes of light and dark, this programme also celebrates birthdays! Beethoven would have celebrated his 250th birthday at the end of last year, and Jenny McCleod’s brand new piece, 'Dark, Bright Light', was commissioned to mark a birth as well. 

Combining the talents of Katherine Austin (piano), Lara Hall (violin), and James Tennant (cello) the group is dedicated to presenting classical music as a spontaneous and vivid experience connecting the audience and performers through the universal language of music. Since its inception, the New Zealand Chamber Soloists have celebrated the unique voice of New Zealand's new generation of composers, alongside the works of the classical and 20th-century traditions. The group has brought a unique blend of virtuosity, colour, and a full-on, spontaneous energy to music old and new.

Guest soloist Dimitri Atanassov is the former the much-loved Concert Master of the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra and violinist of the Ogen Trio with James Tennant and Katherine Austin.

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