Past Event27 Jul 2019

Dawood Sarkhosh

No longer available

Bruce Mason Centre


Dawood Sarkhosh, the singing and soothing voice of his war-torn homeland, is touring Australia and New Zealand for the first time, and launching his seventh album, Man-o-Tu, in a concert of songs from his new album and the timeless old and gold songs that seek to unite communities, and gift a taste of folk and modern music. The theme of the new songs is a tale of separation by the acclaimed singer - also poet, composer and Damboura player.

As one of the most prominent singers of Afghanistan, with the message of love, diversity and unity, Dawood has toured the world and performed for millions of fans near and far. His songs are the collective memories and melodies of the people who have fled their homeland in search of peace. With the rapid change in the social and political landscape of Afghanistan amidst violence, Dawood has revived the beauty and delicacies of folklore music and enriched the contemporary music of Afghanistan.

Australia and New Zealand! Make sure you get your tickets as the homeland hero will be touring the countries Down Under to warm our hearts! Let’s immerse ourselves in hope and happiness, in memories and mountains, and hear Dawood Sarkhosh.

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