Facey Thing

Past Event19 Feb - 5 May

Facey Thing

No longer available

Bruce Mason Centre

Visual Arts

Facey Thing is a fun and satirical celebration of the selfie culture and omnipresence of video surveillance. The passers-by's image is reflected on the screen and modified by the computer to become a creative and virtual version of the reality.  

Using facial tracking technology, passers-byes are invited to come closer to the screen and interact creatively by virtually painting with their faces.


Originally commissioned with the support of Auckland University of Technology.



Uji Studios is a Wellington based collective that creates interactive play-spaces for kids, made accessible to all communities. With their play-spaces, interactives and workshops they aim to give a wide range of access to design, technology and creative exposure through fun and playful experiences.

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This is a free, non-ticketed event.