Past Event4 May 2017

From Russia with Love

No longer available

Bruce Mason Centre

Classical music

Conductor Rumon Gamba

Piano Kathryn Stott

Kalinnikov Serenade for Strings

Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No.4

Tchaikovsky Symphony No.4


Get ready for a night of Russian passion.

To begin the concert, a little-known gem: the charming Serenade by Vassily Kalinnikov. A colleague of both Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninov, his promise was cut short by his early death.

Rachmaninov’s mighty Fourth Piano Concerto follows. The piece calls for a soloist with an ardent heart and fingers of steel and the superb British pianist Kathryn Stott is such a musician.

Embodying the word passion is Tchaikovsky’s hyper-emotional Fourth Symphony. Shattering, doom-laden fanfares herald music of a soul in torment, but a hard-won affirmation of life ultimately triumphs.

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