Past Event15 Feb - 16 Feb 2019


No longer available

Bruce Mason Centre


*Entry to Hemispheres is by koha/donation at the door*

Supported by the China Cultural Centre and Asia New Zealand Foundation

A collision of artists from both sides of the Pacific Ocean: Hemispheres is an impressive international collaboration between the longest-running contemporary dance companies in New Zealand and in China. Hemispheres is headlined by Mass Solitude, an astounding new work choreographed by Sarah Foster-Sproull and performed by both companies. Mass Solitude showcases the technical mastery of detailed movement that is a signature of Chinese dance companies, with the powerful physicality that New Zealand dancers are renowned for across the world. Adding to the evening of exceptional artistry is Elliptical Fictions, choreographed by New Zealander Zahra Killeen-Chance and excerpts from The Spring Tide, choreographed by Taiwanese artist WU Chien-Wei.


Mass Solitude:
Mass Solitude (群孤) returns to forgotten movement rituals as a way of connecting with each other beyond language and technology. Here, human proximity and surveillance are our key means of communicating and belonging to the group. Mass Solitude is a movement meditation on connection and isolation. Within it we look at how people might interact whilst under constant observation, and consider what might inspire us to rebel, escape, or commit ourselves further into the folds of the community. 

The Spring Tide (excerpts):
Finding the balance between contemporary and tradition: The Spring Tide portrays the journey of an upcoming generation. Riding on the wave of a new era, they uncover their bright future through perseverance and bravery. In an honest and hopeful look to the future, choreographer WU Chien-Wei has created a truly compelling tale of courage in the face of change. 

Elliptical Fictions:
Drawing on her research during a three-month residency in Taipei in 2017, Zahra Killeen-Chance creates a mesmerising world in her work Elliptical Fictions. Grounded in the idea of opposition, Elliptical Fictions is an exploration of the curve evolving out of the line, and the line evolving out of the curve. Adding to her hypnotic work is projected imagery by legendary New Zealand artist Richard Killeen, Zahra’s father, whose work has exhibited widely internationally and across Aotearoa. This is the first time he has collaborated with his daughter. With sound design by accomplished Wellington composer Emi Pogoni, Elliptical Fictions brings together a potent combination of New Zealand creativity.

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