Past Event11 May 2018

Jonathan #oordiewaterloertoer

No longer available

Bruce Mason Centre


There are so many differences that we need to consider when it comes to women, men and children to understand them, and then each one comes with his personal set of “dingetjies en goetertjies”. It only scares us more if you try to make sense of it.

Yet the “dingetjies en goetertjies” are all necessary. And everything is going to be okay.

#oordiewaterloertoer is a one man show by Jonathan from the East Rand, which deals with the everyday things of life. He especially tries to make sense of “dingetjies en goetertjies” that can easily annoy us about each other.

Well-known sayings like "Lekker boys", "Da vat", "Okeey" and "Olraait" are common among South Africans. Radio Raps' original material from Jonathan on Youtube crosses the 3 million views.


Please note this event is for those aged 16+ only.

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