Past Event9 Mar - 11 Mar 2018


No longer available

Bruce Mason Centre

Family & Kids

Dynamic Australian youth circus Flying Fruit Fly Circus presents their latest show for all ages, a spellbinding playground adventure set in a junkyard inhabited by the spirits of children from the 1940s.

An ordinary boy, covered head-to-toe in safety gear, prepares to ride his bicycle. Out of nowhere, he is sucked back in time to the 1940s. There, in an abandoned junkyard, he meets a gang of kids wild at heart, whose boundless enthusiasm urges him to play as children once did: without inhibition and free from adult supervision.

Propelled by a cast of talented young performers, this vibrant take on childhood tumbles headfirst into a world of play and imagination through circus skills and acrobatics, beautiful shadow puppetry and a moving sense of nostalgia for a time when young people were encouraged to take risks and weren’t wrapped in cotton wool.


“JUNK is absolutely wondrous. Grab a child, go.” — Sydney Morning Herald


Come early and experience FREE pre-show performance by New Zealand circus theatre company The Dust Palace in Top of the Heap, 45 minutes before every JUNK show


Kids Circus Skills Workshops (ages 4–12)

Learn tumbling, juggling, balancing and more. Numbers limited. Book here

Circus workshop for kids !

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