Past Event26 Nov 2017

Made in China

No longer available

Bruce Mason Centre


Made in China is the annual performance of Auckland Dance Academy. The show tells the story of Crystal, a Chinese girl in New Zealand, returning to China on Christmas holidays.

The performance mainly focuses on dance performance, trying to explore how to define the cultural attributes of the second generation immigrants in New Zealand, and how to balance the life between the residence and hometown.

Performers include Auckland Dance Academy’s students and teachers, and invited international professional dancers. There are more than 20 dances throughout the show, including ballet, contemporary, Chinese dance, Latin dance, hip hop and drama.

The director of the performance is Joanna Zhao.  Joanna graduated from Beijing Dance Academy with Bachelor and Master of Dance degrees. She is a senior dancer and choreographer, RAD CBTS ballet teacher, registered examiner of Chinese Folk Dance, and Artistic Director of Auckland Dance Academy. He has arranged and directed many large-scale dance performances, and led the students to win the championship in the Hong Kong International Ballet Grand Prix and the New Zealand dance competition.

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