Past Event1 Nov 2023

Masih and Arash AP

No longer available

Bruce Mason Centre


UPDATE: 29 October 2023

Masih and Arash AP Special Concert scheduled for Sunday 29 October at the Bruce Mason Centre has been cancelled.


A message from the promoter:
Despite receiving the New Zealand visas for most of the band members, the visa for one of lead singers is expected to be sent on Monday and hence we are forced to postpone the show until Wednesday.

Tickets with the old date remain valid for the new date.




After a year and half of not performing, Masih & Arash AP will be going back on the stage again with their SPECIAL tour which will have many surprises and will be different to their previous concerts. They will be performing in Auckland for the first time ever!

Masih & Arash AP have become one of the most popular music bands in the music industry of Iran. The band regularly tours around the country with sold-out concerts in major cities such as Tehran, Kish, Nour, Babolsar, Gheshm, etc. The brother band are breakthrough in today’s industry because they are the first underground artist that have risen top of the their field as pop singers.

The first hit single they had was You Were My Love, which was written and produced by them. When it was released in 2005 with other single tracks it was performed at a sold-out concert with other notable international artists at the World Trade Center of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

The brothers have talent that meets no bounds since they are songwriters, composers, and singers of their music. Their first official album was named Darya (Sea), which resulted in them being the recipient of many prestigious awards that includes the best album of the year. Since then, they have produced more than 10 successful single tracks from that album. Darya has gained the number 18 spot in the weekly music charts. It was consistently in the Iranian Top 40 charts for 138 weeks.

Masih and Arash AP have performed about 700 concerts worldwide including the concerts in Iran. They hold the record of having the largest tour in foreign countries. In Iran today they have the most viewed music which boasts more than 700 million plays.

To date Masih & Arash AP have more than 300 songs that are well-known throughout the whole country and abroad. Their music has transcended to account for 70 percent of the music in Iran today. Presently, Masih & Arash AP are participating in their first cinematic movie as actors and also producing the soundtrack to the feature film.

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