Past Event23 Sep 2022

Modern Māori Quartet: Ngā 80s (Online)

No longer available

Virtual Wintergarden, The Civic


What happens when you find a worn cassette at the bottom of your old man's closet with Ngā 80’s scribbled on it? You blast it from your Cortina’s stereo, wind the windows down, feel your mullet slap the back of the car seat and fang the Holden to the Pā for a family gathering.  

Jump into the virtual backseat with the Modern Māori Quartet, as they take you on a musical joy ride through their ’80s mixtape’ all from the comfort of your home.

Join us for this unique digital experience as part of our new online venue the Virtual Wintergaredn - learn more about it HERE


Tech Requirements:  

  • The Virtual Wintergarden is best experienced on a desktop or a reliable laptop computer using Chrome as the preferred browser. Mobile device, phone or Smart TVs will not be able to access The Virtual Wintergarden.

  • When joining the event be ready to give your browser access to your camera and microphone. 

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