Past Event9 Jul 2022

Paradise City

No longer available

Lilyworld, Mt Smart Stadium


Paradise City, Midday to Midnight at Lilyworld Cafe, Mt Smart Stadium.

As the world begins to emerge from the last two years of lockdowns and isolation, so does the city. No longer tucked away at home, humanity is surfacing, nightlife begins to open up, the city is blooming and our community is rising from slumber.

The city feels vibrant and alive. The city is flourishing once again. The city is ready to dance.

From midday to midnight, prepare for a day and evening of dance with a selection of New Zealand’s brightest lights, and some of Germany’s as well.

Beacon Bloom are jetting in with their incredible live act, and one of Auckland's favourite adopted sons, Sanoi, will be playing his first ever live set. Joining them on stage we have a raft of incredible local talent, including the mighty Greg Churchill, Drake & Osey, Amandamania, Logan Baker and Bella. The honour is definitely all ours.


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