Past Event30 Sep - 2 Dec 2017

Reflections by Tom Ang

No longer available

Queens Wharf

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Top international photographer Tom Ang is a mentor for the Queens Wharf Connections Project, a photographic challenge in which he leads seven keen photographers to create an exhibition from scratch in just five weeks around the theme of reflections. Now it’s Tom’s turn. Head along to check out his take on reflections on the Queens Wharf fence.

This exhibition series steps in and out of portals in Auckland, travelling through the no-man’s land of reflections. In these images, nothing has been digitally added or taken away. You may see virtual images turn out to be real objects, and real objects become reflections.

Windows are portals between worlds. From outside we can look indoors. From within we can see the world beyond” – Tom Ang.



On Saturday 7 and 28 October and Saturday 11 November Sony photography ambassador Tom Ang is hosting an educational photo walk around the waterfront.

2.30pm                        Meet up

2.45 – 3.00pm             Tour of Tom Ang’s Reflections exhibtion

3.00 - 3.45pm              Photo walk around Queens Wharf and the Cloud.

3.45 - 4.30pm              Participants free to shoot photographs

3.45 - 5.00 pm             Opportunity to ask Tom questions and get feedback on photos taken

* This photo walk is free and open to all photographers, regardless of camera make or level of expertise.  There will be the opportunity to ask Tom any questions and converse with fellow photographers.


Additional highlights:

  • Get expert tips from professional photographer Tom Ang
  • Ask Tom about his photography exhibition, Reflections, situated on Queens Wharf
  • Learn from Tom and other photography enthusiasts
  • Take in and capture the beautiful sights of the Auckland waterfront.

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