Past Event21 Oct 2018

Steve Gadd & James Carter

No longer available

Bruce Mason Centre



“One of the most influential drummers of all time”.

With a resume that boasts sessions and tours with the likes of Chick Corea, Eric Clapton, Steely Dan, Paul McCartney, James Taylor and Paul Simon, Steve Gadd has put his indelible stamp of rock, jazz, blues, fusion and pop on the face of contemporary music.

If there’s a form of music he hasn’t played, chances are it hasn’t been invented yet!

One of the most influential drummers of all time, Steve Gadd set a new standard in contemporary drumming techniques and performance, and in doing so has launched a thousand imitators.

Recording so many legendary drum tracks like ‘ Aja’,  ‘Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover’ and ‘Nite Sprite’, there is no drummer alive today who in some way has not been affected by Steve Gadd. His influence is still very much felt and can be heard in the playing of everyone from Vinnie Colaiuta to Carter Beauford. And still to this day there is no-one who can get "inside" a tune and find the "pocket" quite like the great Steve Gadd.

Also featuring, saxophone colossus JAMES CARTER 

Winner of Down Beat magazine's Critic’s and Reader’s Choice Award for baritone saxophone.

‘James Carter has cemented his reputation as one of the most adventurous, visionary young red platers on the cusp of the new millennium - not as an outsider, but as one of the most exciting’ -  Chip Stern, Jazz Times 

Post-show workshops - 22 October: visit for more information. 

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