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Bruce Mason Centre

Visual arts

STORM  - Stochastic Translator Of Resonant Morphologies – is an immersive interactive installation giving you a new perception of your body. By moving in front of the screen, your silhouette triggers visual events inspired by medical imagery and physics.

Artist Tim Gruchy is inspired by the concepts of human transition from its current biological form, with attention to some of the processes and questions this throws up in relation to the development of technologies. 


Represented in New Zealand by Trish Clark Gallery


Tim Gruchy

Tim Gruchy is a Visual Musician and Multi-Media Artist.

Tim's extensive career spans the exploration and composition of immersive and interactive multimedia through installation, music and performance while redefining it's role, challenging the delineations between cultural sectors.

His work features in many international and Australasian institutions, festivals and public spaces including WOMAD (2017), Wenzhou Bienalle (2016), Dak’ Art Dakar (2016), Auckland Arts Festival (2015 & 2009), NZ Arts Festival (2014), SCOUT Auckland (2012).

He has exhibited in Africa, Australia, New Zealand, China, Taiwan, Holland, Belgium, UK, USA, Japan, France and Thailand

Represented by Trish Clark Gallery in Auckland, his most recent solo exhibition was Kade’s Cognition in Feb 2016

Tim has lectured and facilitated workshops in video art and interactive digital design at creative institutions including Shanghai; Future University of Hakodate (Japan); National Institute of Dramatic Art (Sydney); UTS (Sydney); Te Papa (NZ) and QUT (Brisbane). He has also been extensively involved in museum design and various projects at the intersection of architecture and multimedia.

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